What we require in your email submission:


NOTE: We are currently accepting submissions from Queenstown Lakes/Central Otago residents only.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Friday August 23, 2019.

The exhibition of selected artists will be in the first half of September, 2019.

If you are happy to proceed, then please email ( with all of the following information:

  • A: Clear photos of 1-3 works that you potentially want to show - they must all be available for exhibition and for sale. We want to show creative, thought provoking, interesting work, across ALL disciplines. We’re thinking outside the box and so should you.

    • Space is limited, so for now we can only show 1 - 3 works per artist, per show.

    • Make sure to include the artist’s name, the title of the artwork/s, year, media, dimensions, BOTH wall price and artist price (artist price = wall price, less 30% commission).

    • Our focus is on showing new work, so we will only exhibit pieces made in the past 2 years.

    • If your work is part of an edition, please make sure to include all relevant edition information.

    • The pricing of works is up to you, but please ensure it is in line with any other places you are selling your work.

    • Works that hang on the wall must weigh less than 20kg.

    • Works that are installed on the floor must weight less than 50kg, floor area may be a consideration too, so please advise us if necessary.

    • Try to make the photos as hi-res as possible, but please keep them under 5MB each. JPEGs preferred. Include detail image if necessary.

    • Works to be shown must be signed, titled and dated if relevant and/or include certificates of authenticity.

  • B: A brief bio (PDF or Microsoft Word format), stating your date of birth (must be 18 years or older), current address, phone number, email, websites/instagram etc, education info, galleries you work with, previous shows, awards, residencies, notable collections etc.

    • If you have dealer representation/agreements, please make sure you are contractually permitted to show and sell your work with us. Queenstown Contemporary is not party to any dealer agreements you have.

    • We can only show artwork by artists who are 18 years of age, or older.

    • If you’ve never exhibited before, that’s ok, just tell us. We’re looking for new work that excites us.

    • We are not only looking for “Art”, we are looking for creativity and ideas and want to help you present them to the people in our community.

  • C: A page or less (PDF or Microsoft Word format) outlining your current body or work, contextualising it in any other artistic/cultural movements, explaining techniques that went into making it and anything else you consider relevant to explaining and understanding your work.

Once you have all that information ready to go, email it through to us at If we think your work fits the kind of show we are curating next, then we will be in touch.


  • We are currently only accepting submissions from Queenstown Lakes/Central Otago residents.

  • The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Friday August 23, 2019.

  • The exhibition of selected artists will be in the first half of September, 2019.

  • Artists must be 18 years of age or over.

  • We will never share your images, or personal information with ANYONE, without your express permission.

  • Please ensure the 1-3 works you show us are available for immediate inclusion in our show and are for sale.

  • 30% commission on sales of exhibited artworks, either during the exhibition period, or referred after. Any commission we earn on the sales of artworks gets put directly back into creating future projects and more opportunities.

  • Submissions are free, but if selected for exhibition, a $40 fee, per artist, will be payable. This is to cover costs.

  • If selected for exhibition, we will contact you ASAP to confirm everything. We will then send you a basic exhibition agreement to sign and then get things underway as soon as possible.

  • Ideally we will show your works for a maximum of 4 weeks. However, as we are working with temporary spaces, there is always the chance it may be shorter. If so, we will contact you immediately and keep you informed throughout.

  • As we have no storage facility, it is imperative for the works to be collected immediately following the conclusion of the exhibition. This is the sole responsibility of the artist.

  • Insurance of works is the responsibility of the artist/s alone for freight both ways and during the duration of the exhibition. Queenstown Contemporary will ensure care and security to the best of their ability, in an ‘open to the public’ gallery situation. Queenstown Contemporary will always be staffed during opening hours, and while unattended Queenstown Contemporary’s doors will always be locked. Queenstown Contemporary will not be responsible for any theft, or damage, accidental, or otherwise, that occurs.

  • If you are working with dealer galleries, or anyone else representing and exhibiting your work, please make sure you are contractually able to sell and show your work with us in Queenstown Lakes. It is the artist's responsibility to arrange payment to their dealer. The dealer gallery may take a commission on your work, but Queenstown Contemporary is not party to that relationship.