Previous Exhibitions:

Our Spring Show features works by local artists Marc Blake, Vashti Johnstone and Tracy Porteous and two stunning large paintings by Indonesian artists Dedy Sufriadi and Indra Dodi, both recent artists in residence at the Nock Art Foundation residency here in Queenstown.


The Senior Design students are about to put on the annual group exhibition of their latest Design work.

This year we are also joining forces with Mt Aspiring students, with the aim of creating an ongoing regional event.

The basis of each student’s work stems from a brief that they have individually devised. On show are their posters which present a collection of ideas they initially explore, with one final larger piece as the final resolved work. The variety of ideas and styles explored is the hallmark of this exhibition displaying the wonderfully creative statements made by our young people.

This year we are exhibiting the work at a new and exciting art space at the Five Mile Shopping centre. Marc Blake, the director of Queenstown Contemporary, has kindly offered his full support in providing this venue. 

Our thanks also go out to Fluid Design who have very generously provided the venue in the last five years, however, due to the increasing numbers of students involved, we have needed to find a bigger space. 

Queenstown Contemporary is an exciting new arts initiative that offers a lot of opportunities for the wider community. We encourage you to come along to view our exhibition and to also give your support to the development and establishment of a permanent, world-class community Arts Hub.

Opening night is Friday, 30th August at 6.30pm.

We would love to see you there!


Winter Show
July + August 2019

Marc Blake, Vashti Johnstone, Tracy Porteous, Christopher Trotter,
Fiona Garlick, Jasmine Clark, Tony O’Keefe, Tony Emanuel, Justin Hurt